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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the scent diffusers work?

Our diffusers use essential oils that become vaporized and fill your space with a delicious aroma.  We can program your diffuser to the adjust the aroma level depending on your needs.  We can also program the diffuser to run during the exact time you want, all day or all night, or at certain periods. You can always call us with any questions and we can help you pick the right diffuser for your space. 

How do I choose which scented oil I want?

If you know which scented oil you want you can choose from our selection.  You can also pay for any oil you pick and when you check out ask us to bring different oils for you to try when we deliver your diffuser. 

How much scented oil do I need for my scent diffuser?

Your scent diffuser will generally use 1 ounce per week if it runs every day, but it can use more or less than this depending on the aroma strength and amount of time. We recommend buying at least 

Do you charge a fee for installation?

Installation and delivery of our scent diffusers are free for Santo Domingo, and we charge a small fee for deliveries to the rest of the country.  If you are ordering a diffuser outside of Santo Domingo we can program the diffuser before we ship it.

Do you accept bank or cash payments?

Yes!! If you would like to pay with cash upon delivery we can bring your product and receive payment when we deliver.  We also accept bank transfers from all major Dominican banks such as Banco Popular, Scotia, Banreservas and more.  Please call 829.718.0858 for the account information.

How do I buy kitchen uniforms?

Its easy!! Just pick out the sizes and colors you want and ad them to your cart.  For larger orders we are always able to provide samples so you can see the quality of the cloth.  Our sizes generally run large, so we are also happy to provide samples so you can measure your kitchen employees before buying.